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booking a wedding can be daunting.

What about photo ideas? Have you tried virtual reality yet? Have a look in the Menu. 

Book a professional wedding Photographer and take a load off your mind.

I am getting married in 2017 too so I know what it can be like.


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I am getting married this year too.

Sadly not everyone can make it.

What better way to share your love?


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Cinematic Video of your big day.

We have couples with smiling tears,

Happy moments to warm your hearts.



Three nice packages for all budgets

Make sure you don’t go without a pro

The best memories for you to cherish.


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 A photograph is so much more than just a picture.
It is a moment in time that has been captured and preserved forever.

It is a window into our past, it shows us who we are, the things that we have done and the people that we love.

Throughout our lives we experience so many wonderful things, the most important of which is our wedding day. It is the day that we create an everlasting bond with the most important person in our lives. A person that we love more than ourselves and one that we could not live without. Memories spent with that special person are truly precious, I offer my professional photography service to make sure that these beautiful moments are remembered forever.

I focus on wedding photography as I truly enjoy capturing photographs during these wonderful events. Seeing the bride in her white dress, watching the groom stand anxiously awaiting his bride. The excitement in the crowd as they wait for the big moment. All of these little details make up one of the most important days of our lives. I offer a selection of affordable photography packages to suit your needs, whether you are planning your big day or just a small romantic gesture, please get in touch.

About Me

I am Luke Woods and I’m a professional wedding and engagement photographer based between Bournemouth and Weymouth. I provide Professional Photography, Videography and now Virtual Reality services to loving couples across the counties of Dorset, Devon, Hampshire, Somerset, Cornwall and beyond.

I’ve always been fascinated by the energy and romance of Wedding Photography, and I love the creativity and atmosphere generated during a wedding day. If there is anything I can do to help make your day more memorable, or a particular photo you would love in your wedding gallery, I would love to hear about it when we meet to plan your day.

As a dedicated photographer, I bring over a decade of professional experience to the table,  and nearly 4 decades of passion – I first cut my teeth helping my Uncle as a Fleet Street hack in 1978! I’ve worked hard to gain success in both commercial and Google 360 photography, winning awards for my work – including eight Google awards for outstanding quality and service. I have been working hard on developing Virtual Reality with Google the past 4 years and now we have the exciting new format of VR 360 Video. See more in the menu bar above.

Wedding photography remains my passion, and I get the greatest sense of reward from helping couples to capture every moment of their special day – true love never dies!

If you are looking for a truly Professional Photographer that strives to be outstanding without standing in the way, to capture moments and memories that will last a lifetime, then please get in contact.

Kind regards in advance, Luke Woods Weddings 🙂


  • Bournemouth Wedding Testimonial

    Mr and Mrs Shawl

    “Simply the best wedding photographer we have ever seen. Thank you so much!”

  • Weymouth Wedding Testimonial

    Mr and Mrs Miller

    “Our wedding photos are beautiful. We couldn't have imagined better photographs.”

  • Romantic Photoshoot Testimonial

    Mr and Mrs Wills

    “Thank you so much. You captured the moment beautifully, we are so happy.”

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